Our number one priority is working with our clients and their families collaboratively as a team to provide the best outcomes. We develop strong relationships and kind words from our clients are the best gifts that we can receive.

We would be grateful if you would leave a review on our Google page.  Here are the steps:

1. Google “Associated Speech Pathologists”
2. On the right-hand side for the Google result page click on “Review Us.”
3. Write about your experience with us, share what was helpful. Feel free to include the names of the therapists that worked with you.
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If your interactions were less than you expected, before you review us online, please call our office and ask for the Director, Mary Anne. Your conversation will be confidential. We would appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns and make things better!

We are so grateful for all your help and support throughout the years. Thanks for making such a difference in our life!

– Mother of a 19-year-old daughter with Down Syndrome who has been a patient (on and off) since she was 6 months old

When our daughter started with Mary Anne, you could only understand about 50% of what she said. After one year of therapy you can understand 90%! She has done wonders with our daughter and consider it a huge blessing to have her in our lives!

– Mother of a 5-year-old daughter with apraxia

Thank you for everything you did to help our daughter speak and use words. We couldn’t be more thrilled about her progress!

– Mother of 3-year-old daughter with autism

We have happy clients!

Associated Speech Pathologists is ready to answer any questions you may have about how our services. We look forward to hearing from you.